My Phytozine Review

If you had a choice between an all natural or toxic cream, anyone would choose all natural (as long as it worked). If you also had a choice between getting rid of Ringworm in a week vs a month, anyone would choose a week. These are common sense. What else separates Phytozine from the pack?

Ringworm Cream

The Product

While other creams might just be a generic antifungal cream, Phytozine has been specifically created to eliminate ringworm infections.

The product comes in a 1 oz tube. It’s noted by many reviews that the tube is larger than other popular brands, and also has a smaller cap hole. This is because you need to use less than other brands for the same treatment.

It is all natural, which means you can use it while pregnant or nursing. It also means you aren’t limited to only using it once or twice a day if you go swimming or sweat a lot.

There are also no side effects!

Treatment Time

One tube will give you a month supply. Users can see results on the first day, with it completely gone in as little as a week, which is why they boast that they’re the fastest Ringworm Cream on the market. While a week isn’t normal for everyone, the amount you get should last you for a full month, which gives much more time for healing. The best part is if you don’t see results from your treatment, there is a 100% refund within 60 days.



A 1 month supply of Phytozine is $39.95, 3 month supply is $79.90, and 5 month supply is $119.85.

I already mentioned the 60 day full refund, which is refreshing to see in the cream industry.

They also have a coupon code sign up on their website.

Active Ingredient

The active ingredient is Tolnaftate (1.0%), which is a common over the counter antifungal treatment. There are many all natural ingredients that you can actually recognize and pronounce, which is a growing rarity in medicine.

I also have a full list of Phytozine ingredients here.


Reviews of Phytozine are overwhelmingly positive. Has a 67% 5 star review on Amazon, with many reasons given for it being their best choice. They ranged from being the quickest (as little as a week, with massive progress in as little as one day), to being able to use on their pets, to being all natural, to actually being the only product that worked. People even use it for athletes foot (it is antifungal after all).

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