How to Use Phytozine Cream

Phytozine Cream

Interested in how to use Phytozine Cream? While the directions do come on the box, this will give you an idea of what you’re in for.

How to Use Phytozine Cream

I like creams the best of all because they are simple to use, and Phytozine cream is no different.

Begin by applying to the affected area twice per day. Since it is all-natural, you can apply more if needed if you sweat a lot or other reasons. It’s then important to wait 20 or so minutes before putting on clothing, possibly wetting the area, doing activities, etc. Wearing loose fitting clothes and using a towel often to keep infected areas dry are two strategies the company recommends. Also recommended is keeping a bottle of Phytozine nearby so that you can re-apply the solution after allowing your skin to dry completely.

Since it’s so safe to use, it can be used on children, while pregnant and nursing, also pets- as well as sensitive areas.

Ringworm Prevention

20% of the population will get Ringworm, and it is incredibly easy to spread. To avoid 1. getting it, and 2. spreading it, there are several tips I can share with you that they go over on

Avoid sharing things like clothes and other things that can carry the fungi, specially in the summer. I know this is a tough one to follow, but will help greatly. If you suspect you have been exposed, wash all infected clothes with hot water and special fungicidal soap (if you can’t just throw it out). Protective shoes in the wilderness and beach are beneficial. Also, pets with bald spots should be avoided, they often carry the fungus!

Moist skin is a hot bed of fungi growth, so getting dry after showers/swimming is important. Also, drying completely after being wet and putting on clothes is crucial. Loose-fitting underwear (think sweating) is recommended, and a daily change of socks.

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