What You Need to Know About the Best Ringworm Cream

Best Ringworm Cream

Ringworm. If you’re here already, you probably are suffering from it, or know someone that is. By now you shouldn’t need a list of symptoms to know if you have it or not, but just in case you’re still trying to decide if you do.. here is what to look for.

  • Scaly, crusty rash which appears as round, red patches on your skin
  • Patches of hair loss
  • Scaling on the scalp
  • Itching
  • Blister-like lesions

Ringworm is not fun to have, specially if you have to go out in public. The red rings are an immediate give away, so of course you’d want to get rid of them and the other symptoms as soon as possible. The good news is that medicine has advanced a great deal for this in the last decade.

What Types of Ringworm Medicine are there?

  • Topical antifungals – applied directly to the skin, hair or nails
  • Oral antifungals – swallowed in capsule, pill or liquid form
  • Intravenous antifungals – injected into your bloodstream

Most of these antifungal treatments come in lotions, powders, and creams. Many of which are over the counter. Serious cases call for a trip to doctor for prescription antifungal medicine, and even antibiotics. I prefer the cream (topical) above all these.

How Do Antifungal Creams Work?

Here is a great layout I found of just what they do from the National Health Service.

“Antifungal medicines work by either: killing the fungal cells – for example, by affecting a substance in the cell walls, causing the contents of the fungal cells to leak out and the cells to die. preventing the fungal cells from growing and reproducing.”

Sounds good to me.

Beneficial to use a cream?

Yup. A cream is simple to use, is a cheap option, and can sit waiting until the next time you need it.

When I had ringworm, there were so many options that I didn’t know where to start. Medicine is one area where the “just pick one” approach just isn’t something I’m a fan of. Here are what I’ve concluded are the top three options after my own research and experience.

What Are the Top Ringworm Creams?

#3: Lotramin AF Ringworm Cream

This is the big daddy of them all. Huge company, huge advertising budget. Says it’s clinically proven to cure most types of Ringworm. Combined 75% 4/5 star ratings on Amazon. They are on top for a reason, but they take longer to work, and the product isn’t all natural, which the #1 is. Directions call for one month of treatment, and the package is rather small to make it last (less than 1oz).

#2: REPARA Antifungal Cream

Fantastic reviews and quantity. Combined 83% 4/5 star on Amazon, and comes in a 5oz package. It’s also cheaper than Lotramin. I hadn’t heard of this cream before, but found it doing further research for this post afterwards. Also has many uses since it is not strictly for Ringworm, this also may mean it doesn’t work as well compared to other Ringworm creams. I couldn’t find any direct Ringworm reviews for it, but Antibacterial creams usually are a catch-all for most ailments.

Ringworm Cream

#1 Phytozine Natural Antifungal Ringworm Treatment

Natural and Non-Toxic couldn’t have jumped out quicker to me. This is big for me and my family, but wasn’t the only reason I chose the product. The reviews, luckily, matched up positive as well. It is the fastest Ringworm Cream on the market, working in as little as a week. This is fantastic because we all know Ringworm can easily spread. Is great for sensitive skin, no burning like other toxic products. Also, the product is designed to use less to work, making the tube last longer and the price worth it (It’s a bit more expensive than the others). Unlike the others, you won’t have to buy another tube to make it through the treatment.

There are also no side effects!

They also offer a 60 day full refund if it doesn’t work. Which is great to see they have trust in their product.

 Before you buy though, check out my further in depth Phytozine Review!

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